• 1. Look for super consolidation and high probability trades
    2. Moving averages consolidating is a goo sign
    3. Take advantage of tight risk

  • put tight periods of consolidation in context with the overall trend of the stock to know when to buy in
    check the markets for confirmation
    take profits do not be greedy

    Jake L
  • 1. Look for large patterns during long uptrend
    2. If you miss a move, hawk price and wait for next setup
    3. Price consolidation leads to price expansion

  • 1. When the moving averages are consolidated it shows the stock will expand soon.
    2. Easy winners come after huge patterns and confirmed tightness.
    3. Look for high probability trades!

    Sophia Fox
  • 1. Pattern
    2. Tightness
    3 Confirmation

    Reynaldo Hernandez

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