• -if you get shaken out and you know it still has momentum buy it back.
    -on a gap up if it won’t hold to profit.

  • If price clears out previous low but stays in range; high probability of a shake out. Great opportunity to get back in as is everyone else. This creates momentum for drastic move. Knowing human psychology and controlling your own is key.

  • Shakeouts create momentum
    Look for gaps ups that are held up
    Keeps eyes on volume during break outs

    Alex smith
  • 1. If you’re long a stock and get shaken out, you want to buy it back because so many other traders are doing the same thing.
    2. Psychology is key
    3. Don’t focus solely on holding your winners. If a stock won’t hold a gap up it’s best to take profits where you can.

    Pierre Bitar
  • Shakeouts create momentum
    If shaken out, you have to buy back
    Psychology is crucial
    Hold your winners…. ummm no this time as I don’t know if the gap up will sustain

    Anthony Blin

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