Trading Thursdays with Jordan Fiori!

With another episode in our "Trading Thursday" series we bring to you our guest, a Trading Expert™ Alpha Member, Jordan Fiori So, who is Jordan Fiori? Jordan Fiori is a Trading Expert™ Alpha member, a full-time college student, part-time server at a 5-star restaurant and aspiring artist.

He introduced to trading at a young age by his father but found Trading Expert™ a year ago. You can say he didn't really start trading till a few months ago. He picked up a paintbrush for the first time a year ago and now has become an artist with a 3rd income. Dennis and Nick sit down and discuss what it was like for Jordan when first joining Trading Expert™, how he overcame the overwhelming feeling about it, why painting was one the best decisions he's made and how he intends to graduate college with a finance major.


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