• 1) Have a Game Plan
    2) Intuition and Psychology Plays a major role in Choosing Your winners.
    3) learn when to and not put risk on.

  • 1) Trading is psychological
    2) Be Flexible
    3) Have a game plan

  • 1.Trading intuition separates avg guys from best guys

    2.Know when to put risk on

    3. Know how your names move

  • In the comment section on this video share 3 lessons that you picked up from Shake’s Trader’s Intuition video lesson and how it will improve your trading moving forward.

    Strength follows through
    Be flexible
    You can’t have a better yesterday so don’t carry it with you.

    Keeping these in mind will make it easier to continue coming back even after days that do not go as expected.

  • 1.) Losses are part of trading
    2.) Stick with your game plan, always use stops wether its a buy stop or a stop loss
    3.) Working on your trading is a lifetime lesson, so is intuition.


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