Day Trading vs Swing Trading Video from Bali

Do you have balls?

There tends to be this great allure that the faster you are at buying and selling stocks the more money you can make, however it tends to be one's patience that really pays. In the comment section on this video share 3 major takeaways that you learned about the differences between day and swing trading.

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  • 1.keep the math on your side. Y swing trading with a 5-1 ratio we could be wrong 75% of the time and still make money.
    2. Day trading in the the smaller time frames is the hardest trading arena. Competing against professionals and algorithms!
    3. You could lose more money a lot faster with day trades. Entities and exits have to be so precise and fast.

    Nick B
  • 1) day traders are stressed out because they have to follow the minute chart
    2) day traders are competing on the most competitive market
    3) swing traders at TE focus on 5-1 and have much higher probability

    billy Papa
  • 1. Day trading you have to monitor your trade minute by minute.
    2. Swing trading you can pick one stock and ride it out.
    3. Day trading uses small time frames while Swing trading uses large time frame.

  • 1. Day traders rely on small time frames and often margin. Spending lots of time on 1 min charts.
    2. Swing traders hold positions for days, weeks, even months. Day traders don’t even hold overnight.
    3. Big patterns suggest big moves. Swing trading allows the time to enter a trade at the precise moment and focus on 5:1. Then trail your stop.

  • -no minute charts staring at a screen constantly like a day trader
    -no holding margins that are risky
    -swing traders can cut losers and keep winners. Whole day traders lose most of the time

    Kevin Court

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