• Markets turn. We know this. It’s only going to maintain bulls / bears for so long. Small movements indicating drastic change in volume can be indicator of a big move coming up. Being sensitive and open minded to these bearish flags allow you to pull out risk. One must overcome fomo and stay true to their analytical ability and respond, not react.

  • Candlesticks closing below MA. Candlestick pattern. Bearish candlestick. Break from patterns.

    Alex smith
  • Reading charts can help you avoid bad moves in the market because every indicator means something. If a stock breaks out of support, or you see a bearish candlestick, or it moves below short term moving averages, it could be a good signal to get out.

    Pierre Bitar
  • Several warning signs, 8 EMA crossed down, breakdown of ascending channel and red candle inverted hammer. Shows weakness and difficulty to breakout anymore for the market after a strong uptrend. Psychological trick : need to overcome FOMO in order to take a decision and adjust exposure very quickly (in this case you had max 3 days to make up your mind) If wrong and market continues to raise YOU CAN ALWAYS BUY BACK.

  • Reading the chart well allow us to see the trend of the markets. In this case. Bearish candles following after a huge uptrend cycle is a strong indicator to cast a prediction for a storm ahead. Looking at the moving average, support/resistance also help to confirm right time to exit bearing market


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