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Congratulations on Completing the Game Planning Program!

See that wasn't so hard! If you follow the lessons such as proper risk reward, correct trailing techniques and finding the proper stocks to buy then you will be ahead of 90% of the market (since most traders do not take the time to formulate proper game plans).

You can smile knowing that you officially reached the end of this program and you did an amazing job. Before we summarize the main takeaways from our Game Planning Program, we have a request and it would be greatly appreciated if you would comply. 

All we ask is that you send us the profits from your next trade........... we're kidding! No seriously, if you found the information that we presented has made you better understand trading and investing, then all we ask is that you let a friend know who could also benefit from our service. Or if you would rather leave us a nice review on our Facebook page Trading Experts that would be just as great!


  1. Price Matters
  2. Know your out (stop)
  3. Risk reward of 5:1 Min 
  4. Have a game plan prior to entry 
  5. Stick to that game plan 
  6. Learn from your mistakes 
  7. Review your trades
  8. Lock in profits 

Congrats on completing the Game Planning Program! To move up to the Chart Reading, one last thing to do! 


If you would like to play a game and see if you can become GP Certified and move on from the Game Planning Chat up to the Chart Reading Chat, scroll down to the next page to start! If you pass our GP Certification you will move onto our Chart Reading Group Chat and start our next program “Chart Reading!”

Since you have successfully completed our most important lessons regarding game planning, you should now be able to explain and understand the major concepts of game planning (chart pattern, entry, stop, target), proper risk reward (5:1 or better), trailing stops, and identifying different flags. 

We will test you on these crucial topics that 90% of traders never focus on or learn (hence why so many people lose money in the markets each year).

Good luck! 

Shake and Bennett

Founding Partners at the Trading Experts

Do you have balls?

Post your answers to the questions below in the Game Planning Chat.

Why do we aim for 5-1 risk reward or better in our trade setups?

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We talk about it all the time, but why do we cut our losers fast and let our winners ride as long as possible?

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Describe your A+ setup. Be sure to detail what you can utilize as a layer of probability on your side (Eg: strong earnings on a strong chart looking to get long a bull flag). The more detail the better.

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Formulate a complete game plan of your A+ setup. Please include the chart, the pattern drawn out, your entry, stop, target, relationship to it’s moving averages, when it reports earnings and any other information you feel is important.

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If you are buying a breakout, how will your game plan differ if the stock closes above the resistance level vs below the resistance level?

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Which lesson helped you the most/changed your mindset regarding trading and why?

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Which lesson confused you the most that we can work on improving?

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A __________ order is an order that buys or sells the stock immediately at the best available price. These orders do NOT guarantee a price, but they DO guarantee immediate execution.

  • Limit
  • Stop
  • Market
  • All or None

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    What is your favorite chart pattern to execute and why? Be as specific as possible.

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    A strong stock has a successful breakout (long) through resistance and shows follow through on great volume in the coming days. But after a couple weeks, the stock comes down to test that previous resistance level. Tell me your different expectations of how the stock will trade around that level: 

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    A strong stock with great earnings has built a nice base. You enter long when it breaks resistance and the stock finishes up big, on high volume. How should you treat your position?

  • Sell it all, take the cash!
  • Reduce some stock to pay for the trade, but hold the majority of the position.
  • Don’t sell a single share, it’s going to the moon!
  • Go out and buy a lambo -- you’ve got it all figured out.

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    Amazon is trading around all time highs, all everyone has been talking about is how many sales they’ve done in the past few months with brick & mortar stores like Walmart & Target getting crushed in the process. They have earnings after the close today -- what do you do?

  • Buy the stock -- easy 100 points!
  • Go short the stock -- the retail traders are usually wrong
  • Don’t touch the stock -- earnings are ALWAYS a gamble

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     Final Question ---- what is the name of the game?!

  • Big money baby!
  • Risk management
  • Buy low and sell high
  • Buy high and sell low

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    By the way you might be wondering how to gain access to the Member Video Section, to gain access all you need to do is sign the NDA below and email us a copy and your in!

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