Trump Wins, Now What?

Love em or hate him, he's now President Trump. Last night the futures went crazy because most though Clinton was a shoe in. The markets hate uncertainty and Trump is the most uncertain candidate we've ever seen. We saw the same as you did, Dow futures down 800 points, spy down 5% and our phones started to blow up. 8 hours later the S&P and Dow Jones are both green. If you remember back when Obama was elected the markets were down over 5% but you have to take that with a grain of salt. We were in the midst of a global depression, I mean "recession". No one likes the D word. So now that Trump is president now what?

We can expect biotechs like IBB and Celg to be in play. We can expect banks and financial to be back in play since Trump has made it a point to mention he would like to repeal Dodd-Frank. Defensive stocks like LMT (+6% today) will be in play since Trump wants to destroy ISIS. Ok the contrary, we can expect that gun makers will be weak. When gun control is strict, they rally, if gun control becomes more lax and easier to obtain the demand actually falls, hence SWHC is down 8% today. Energy and Industrials will also be in play as well, our focus will be Biotechs for sure ! 

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