Trade Algo has developed an analytics platform that utilizes the largest data models to build artificial intelligence for spotting unusual activity

Trade Algo has developed an analytics platform that utilizes the largest data models to build artificial intelligence for spotting unusual activity. This platform aims to level the playing field for all investors.

In the US, high-frequency trading is estimated to account for over half of equity trading forcing many hedge funds to depend on artificial intelligence for investment decisions. Despite this, retail traders have been left behind due to exorbitant costs and technical limitations of accessing institutional technology.

Imagine if you had an enterprise grade tool that is at least 100 times faster than a human brain and could process information exponentially?


IBM pitted its artificial intelligence platform against humans in trading the market. According to a report in New Scientist magazine, the bots made 7% more cash than humans.


The power of artificial intelligence and algorithms could be the edge you’ve been seeking to accelerate your trades. 


Overview of trade algo data benefits:


Trade Algo gives you access to the same level of data quality and low latency that large trading firms offer. Their innovative platform provides market information to individual traders at a competitive price. In contrast, institutional vendors like Bloomberg charge significantly more at around $21,000 per year.

Trade Algo's cutting-edge visualization and data analysis tools give you a distinct edge when it comes to exploring and pursuing more viable and fruitful trading opportunities.



Industry leading fast access to data

Data for Trade Algo is sourced from a colocation data center linked directly to stock exchanges. This access provides you the lowest latency, which means wherever you are in the world, Trade Algo gives you the data you need fast as hedge funds.

Determine your niche

With Trade Algo, whether you are advanced or a beginner, you will become a pleased trader in no time. Due to the presence of a large number of unusual activity stocks, compared to the dominant or major traders. Trade Algo offers hundreds of thousands of liquid instruments, unlike futures. Learning their tendencies, understanding their behavior, and interpreting their actions are easy. As a result, you become an expert in spotting trading opportunities.

Opportunities due to different trading objectives

Large data companies may have different priorities than a day trader. Trade Algo benefits the smaller trader by helping observe a long-term execution algo as soon as it starts to act – or for instance, detect iceberg orders. In addition, it can also help identify when a market maker holds significantly more ‘Buy orders’ than ‘Sell orders’ and vice versa.



Trade Algo offers a one stop shop front traders

  • Real-time view
  • Real-time simulation
  • Technical chart indicators and chart manipulation / dragging / zooming Candlestick view
  • Extended order book
  • Order queue estimation
  • Record and replay
  • Sync charts
  • Volume dots configuration
  • Volume bars configuration
  • Recentering configuration
  • Columns configuration
  • Heatmap configuration
  • Contrast configuration
  • Cumulative Volume Delta Correlation Tracker
  • Order book imbalance
  • Volume imbalance
  • Large lot tracker
  • Iceberg detector
  • Display your proprietary indicators
  • Order queue estimation
  • Price alerts
  • Voice alerts with filters
  • Volume profile column
  • Quotes counter column
  • Quotes delta column
  • Time and Sale
  • Column reset
  • Notes column
  • Multiple platforms
  • Multiple brokers support
  • Import notes from the web
  • Connect your own data
  • Unusual dark pool activity 
  • Proprietary algorithms 
  • Earnings algorithms 

Trade Algo’s innovative data visualization delivers a clear and transparent view of the market, supplying them with information and insights they need to make smart business decisions and data-driven actions.

Trade Algo’s platform enables traders to easily identify factors that influence trading trends, prices, activities, and more. Trade Algo supports all US equities traded on Nasdaq (Total View and Last Sale) and Cboe EDGX.


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