Too Expensive!

In your entire life, have you ever walked into a store, wanted to buy something and said fuck you know what, I want this so bad, I will give you more than you are asking to sell it for? No, of course not, because you’re not a fucking idiot. So no matter what the price is, it is always too expensive, you could have a god damn brand new iPhone 10 or X (whatever the fuck they call it) in the box for $100 and you could still find 8/10 people that would try and jew you down because it's too expensive. 

Now when you sell your own product or service and know your cost to produce it, you are your own worst enemy because you are price bias towards it. You know what it costs and you tend to think someone won't pay what you want so you are already lowering the price before they ask. Don't do that shit, everyone wants a discount, everyone. Very simple, always continue to increase your prices and if needed, discount them back down. If you want to sell your product for $100, and price it at $200 shit you could still give someone 50% off and get your nut while they brag to their buddies about how much of a deal they got. Now if you price this $100 product at $110, you have a much harder job and less room to wiggle. However we’re not in the business of discounts so let's frame it where you can hold your ground. 

It's too expensive (Prospect)

The price reflects the value of the service, we are the best in terms of quality, experience and results. Did you know that zero of the Alpha members have blown up their account under TE’s guidance while on average the new trader blows up their account 90% of the time within the first year? How much were you looking to start trading with? (You)

$5,000 (Prospect)

Would you rather learn from professionals whose primary incentive is to help you make money or go at it on your own where if you fail victim to that statistic, could result in you losing the money you worked hard to save up? (You)

Do you have balls?

In the Group Chat share a conversation where you held your ground on the ‘too expensive” talk, if you had to discount (we know you’re human) let's see how you framed it to minimize the discount as much as possible. 

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