The Shakedown 8/5/18

Thursday's Reversal Has New Highs in the Cards

While Thursday's big reversal in the market has us looking like we'll take out highs in the near future, I am not gung-ho about the market from an overall standpoint. A few thousand chart scan shows the internals are not as strong as they appear, and the beaten-up Nasdaq names that lead the reversal (FB comes to mind) have much repair to do before they're deemed "healthy charts." I will stick to the strongest earnings names as usual and they are plentiful.

Click above for detailed look at this weeks's earnings calendar

Click above for updated Q3 earnings watchlist.

Added about 100 names this week


Tight upper level earnings flag below major resistance in this ORBK. Some of us hopped in with a feeler Friday (me) but looking to heaviliy add through $65.50. 

Trigger: $65.50

Stop: $63.89

Target: $72+

Alert Cheat Sheet for the Week

(tried to only post the best charts in effort to not have 1000 charts on newsletter):

IIIN 43/44, NVT 28.50, HES 66.50, DIS 114 area, ORBK 65.50, CY 18.10, ST 55, DORM 75, HRS 168, HUN 33.50, TOWR 33, XYL 77, ARCB 49, BXP 130, CHRW 96.25ish, FE 37, BAND 40, SEND 30, SKT 24.50, VRSK 115, DIN 76 inside day/80 macro, SSTK 51-52, AWK 89, QRVO 85, TSLA 355-360, XPO 101.60, AET 190, AMCX 61, GPN 120, IDA 95, HA 42, PSX 124, CVX 128, SKYW 60, LLL 215, KRA 49, LECO 94, HXL 70, VFC 94, SON 57

Hope to see you in the chat Monday!

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