The Shakedown 6/3/19

You get a Trade War!

You get a Trade War!

US Markets continued to sell off Friday on news that Trump decided to impose a new tariff on Mexico, completely out of the blue shocking global markets. Futures are deeper in the red Sunday Night after Chinese officials came out and blamed the US for trade discussions falling apart, and said they won't give in to higher tariffs.

We're now 6-7% off highs and I anticipate we haven't found our bottom yet as the market is still acting vulnerable to headlines. I anticipate most of the charts posted to be a bit more damaged when we open tomorrow morning with the fresh China trade news hitting headlines. Less is more in these types of news driven markets where there is no trend. Not really a bull or bear market right now, purely headline driven.


While the market has been selling off the past couple weeks, TNDM took that opportunity to go sideways and base, everything we love to see during a market sell off. This one hasn't paid the sell off much mind and looks to continue the uptrend through 70 resistance, even giving us an inside day for a nice entry.

Trigger: $70.10

Stop: $65.89

Target: $82-86+

Hope to see you in the chat Monday! 

Watchlist coming in the morning.

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