The Shakedown 5/13/18



Monster week last week where the market finally found some footing, so all the best setups we've been staring at for weeks absolutely exploded. Seems like every trade from the newsletter last week hit. After a huge move, I would expect some digestion in the overall market. That won't stop me from putting risk on in individual strong names throughout the week. I don't believe the market will go straight up to new highs, I would not be surprised to see us continue to chop around over the next few months. (Can't say enough that this is why we focus on the names with the best looking charts and the strongest reactions to earnings.) 

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Bunch of members already all over this EDIT chart -- but it looks too good to not give it the Trade of the Week treatment. I like the consolidation at support and especially like the moving avg locations, with the 50 day sitting right at resistance ready to be reclaimed by a breakout. Throw in the fact it gave us an inside week and this guy looks ready to go. Looking for volume in the $35.50-36 area.

Trigger: $35.50-36

Stop: $33.49

Target: $44+

Hope to see you in the chat Monday!

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