The Shakedown 4/22/18

The overall market is still chopping around in a wide range suggesting we could see this action continue for some time. That means its a good time to be super selective in your trading. I will definitely be focusing on names that have the best reaction to earnings as usual. Over 700 companies are reporting this week as the season really gets under way. With so many companies reporting throughout the week, it's important to do your homework every night and stay on the best charts because they usually don't give you too many opportunities to buy them. There won't be a ton of setups going into the week but I expect them to develop as the week passes. 


**Know when your stocks have earnings so you don't wake up to any surprises. 

No ones job but your own.

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KSU Long

KSU with a big time move on earnings Friday. It looks like it finally may be ready to break out of this massive macro flag its been working on since December. Looking for an entry through $113. Right now I'll be using a low of day stop if it triggers Monday but we'll see how the chart develops.

Trigger: $113

Stop: LOD

Target: $120+

Hope to see you in the chat Monday!

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