The Shakedown 2/24/19

Healthy Uptrend

Everything about this market movement is so healthy. Every single dip has been bought up immediately and the only real consolidation we've seen has been due to sector rotation. I am keeping the same MO this week, cautious but remaining to take trades as I see them trigger. There are a ton of great earnings winners out there that I'll be watching for future setups. Decent amount of names ready to trigger this week as well.

The SPY is approaching that $280 mark, where we broke down from at the end of 2018, which is a heavy heavy resistance area.



After a huge move breaking a massive resistance level on earnings a couple weeks back, BRKR has simply consolidated the move and appears ready to make its next leg higher. Want to see a surge of volume through $38 resistance. 

Trigger: $38

Stop: $36.99

Target: $43+

Hope to see you in the chat Monday!
Watchlist coming in the following email.


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