The Shakedown 11/3/19

Who's a Good Boy?!

Jerome's a good boy! Yes he is!

The market got the rate cut it was yearning for, third cut in a row with the market at highs. The average SPX return over the next year following 3 rate cuts is something like 12%, so the macro environment has vastly improved. The next piece of information to look for is the Phase 1 deal being signed between China/US.

We're seeing a massive shift in rotation into consumer cyclicals, industrials and financials, so you'll probably see some new names and slower movers on this newsletter. But, got to obey the rotation.

Stocks are gapping up tonight and SPY will likely open around that $307 mark, and will be about $5 higher than its 8 day moving average, so some consolidation is definitely needed in the indices. We can't maintain this 'straight up' price action, but the trend is definitely higher and we are in a much better swing trading environment. This means its time to expand the time frame a bit if you have been keeping things on a much shorter leash. This is the time you try to avoid getting stopped out of your swings because you want to let them work for you over time. Make sure you're getting stopped out of your winners via a trailing stop and not just panic selling into an up-move. I've got the most positions I've had on all year and 75% of them are just trailing earnings winners I've been in a week+. 

Click the Pic for Detailed Look

Way too many charts, I know, I know. I tried to put my favorites towards the top.


Love this MASI action since earnings Thursday morning. It's looking to break a massive inflection point, as evidenced by the tightly consolidated moving averages. I will be looking for an entry through the 149/149.25 area. (I know the chart above says 148, supposed to be 149). With the inside day Friday, I will look to play off that if it breaks out Monday, for a tight $3 stop below 146.

Trigger: $149/149.25

Stop: $145.89

Target: $160-164+

Hope to see you in the chat Monday!

Watchlist coming in the following email.

Big watchlist again this week.

Lots of names setting up out there.

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