The Shakedown 1/21/18



Another week and another all time high close! I heavily downsized on my risk this week in a profit taking effort as we begin to get into the bulk of earnings season. 

So many more winners from the past few weeks as we've been in a breakout market but I'm going to get right into new stuff

We've had a ton of new members since last earnings season so I'll quickly go over our process. Go through every name that had earnings at the end of every day/week and add every stock with a positive earnings reaction to a new watchlist. A positive reaction means a move higher. From there, those are generally the stocks I focus on the rest of the quarter. This is how the new leaders emerge. I will stalk all these winning stocks for setups following the positive reaction. I love when stock's take out major resistance levels after a positive earnings reaction.

Beautiful 5 month base out of MASI. An inside week may be the final consolidation it needs to break out of this pattern. It would be overtaking some important moving averages in the process, further adding to the layers of probability. $89.50 is the first spot, then $90.
Trigger: $89.50
Stop: $87.49
Target: $99-100+

Hope to see you in the chat Monday!

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  • Just looking at how you breakdown your charts is so educational. Awesome. Thanks so much.

    Shigh Sapp

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