The 7 Step Script

One of the key reasons why you always want to use a script for prospecting is that each industry has its own unique set of questions that need to be asked in a certain order. By knowing what to ask and in what order, you can focus more on actively listening and your tonality rather than on what you will say or ask next. Your goal is to go from less invasive questions, the hey how are you’s, to the more invasive questions do you feel that you can be successful trading long term based off what you have learned thus far on your own? 

The conversation should follow the same 7 step gameplan:


  • Step 1 Build genuine rapport  
  • Step 2 Gather Intel (ask questions)
  • Step 3 Present your benefits 
  • Step 4 Close (high anchor)
  • Step 5 Address objections 
  • Step 6 Add pain 
  • Step 7 Close again (lower anchor) 

Below we are going to walk you through a mock convo with options on how to take your prospect through the ‘No’ Script. If you are selling something else, obviously just sub out the TE related info and change it to fit what you are trying to sell. Now reading this you might be thinking fuck that is a lot of work. However if you’re spending the time talking to your prospects you can do it quick or smart. I would always pick the latter, and in time it becomes second nature and you will not need to look at this script as it will be hammered into your subconscious mind. Let's begin shall we?

Step 1 Building genuine rapport  

Start - Hey John how are you doing today?

Next - Is now a bad time to talk? (you want them to reply “no I have time” now you have their focus) 

If “Yes I'm Busy” - I know you're a busy guy, if you would like I can follow up at a later date, how does Wednesday or Thursday sound around noon?

Next - Then the Ask to Ask 

John, just a couple of quick questions, so I don't waste your time, is that ok?

(Their name - good, asking to ask - good, so I - telling him why you’re doing it) 

John, let me just ask you a couple of quick questions, so I can see if we can better assist you. 

John, let me ask you a couple of quick questions, so I can see exactly what your needs are and if we can help.

Step 2 Gather Intel (ask questions)

Next - How has your trading been recently?

How long have you been trading for?

How has that been going for you? 

Any big successes or lessons learned so far that have improved your trading? 

What are some areas that you feel you need or want to improve on?

What kind of work do you do outside of trading? 

(If you are following up from a prior chat)

How has your trading been since we last spoke?

What are some things you have been learning since we last spoke?

(If they have been losing money)

It seems you like risking your hard earned money in the market? (the answer should get them to say No, which is what you want)

Follow up - What is your current strategy?

Follow up - What is your ideal risk reward?

Follow up - How do you determine when to take profits?

Follow up - What can you do to change that?

Step 3 Present your benefits 

Now that you have asked enough of those questions to gather your intel, you can now present the benefits to your prospect. 

Intel gathered - prospect feels he doesn't have the time. 

Present - Most of our members felt the same way. We know you have a busy schedule however unlike how you were taught in school, there is no cramming or useless memorization, this is simply spending 15 minutes a day to learn one new thing. We aim for 1% daily improvement and most members find after the first month of doing this and learning properly that they have learned more than the years they spent on their own. Do you have 15 minutes of free time a day? 

Intel gathered - prospect feels he doesn’t have enough money to start. 

Present - Most of our members felt the same way as you, that they needed to save up a huge amount of money to get started, however most didn't know how to trade so starting with more money was actually a hurdle not a crutch. We advise our new members to start with $0 until they can explain what their A+ set it is. Once they can do that (usually by the time they have made it into the Alpha chat) then they are ready to get started. Now remember how much you start with is not important, what is important is how much you are saving weekly. Does that make sense to you?

Next - What is it about Trading Experts that is causing you to second guess joining a community of successful traders?

Follow up - It seems like it might be that you feel the time commitment might be too great?

Or - It seems like you might feel that you don't feel comfortable exchanging ideas in a public setting?

Or - It seems you have some concerns, it’s smart to be weary, I did my research for months with their free programs, what are some of your major concerns? 

Follow Up - What are some concerns you have about joining Trading Experts?

Step 4 Close (high anchor)

Closing - Would you like to get started today? (aiming for yes)

If they say yes:

We would love to add you to our team of successful traders. Below I have attached the link to join, takes all of 30 seconds, then we can get started on the Game Planning program. Don’t forget, if at the end of the month you feel we suck balls, or that you are not learning, quitting is simple and easy, just say so and we will refund you 200% of what you paid no questions asked. Sound fair enough?

If they say no:

Closing again - You give me one shot, John, and believe me you will take your trading to the next level if you invest in your future to enhance your trading skills. 

You are going to be very impressed with what you learn in just the first month and if you are not, you tell me and I will personally make sure you are refunded 200% of your money no questions asked. 

Sound fair enough?

Step 5 Address objections 

If they reply “it sounds good let me think about it” or some type of no, it's time to address their objections. 

Follow up - I hear what you're saying, but let me ask you a question, does this idea make sense to you, do you like the idea?

Or you can break it up into a question with a follow up 

Follow up Pt1. - Does this idea make sense to you? 

Follow up Pt2. - Do you like the idea? 

Follow up if they say no to joining today - Have you completed the Getting Started, What’s Next and Lessons From Dumb Money programs?  

Follow up if they say no to today Part 1 - It seems like there's something here that bothers you

Now wait, and let the response sit there, and give them time to respond, even put your phone down and walk away for a minute. Let them answer, acknowledge their objection and follow up with the next question. 

Follow up Part 2 - What about this doesn't work for you?

Follow up Part 3 - What would you need to make it work for you?

Follow up - Why don't we focus on the programs for now and we will circle back to potentially joining in a month from now, sound like a plan? (aiming for yes)

When they are blowing you off - Have you given up on trading?

Step 6 Add pain 

John, you had mentioned earlier that you had been losing money, if you continue down this path that you are on do you think you will able to be successfully teach yourself? 

John, earlier you mentioned that right now is not a good time, however when in life was there ever a perfect time? Life will continue to happen, maybe it is not a priority of yours which is fine, however if you can find time to trade and lose money, why not find some time to learn to make money?

Step 7 Close again (lower anchor) 

(Now the first close was our high anchor, the expensive sell, now you’re coming in high and your prospect always wants to come in low, so now you can try to close again at a lower price to help increase the chance of the sale.) 

Hey John, instead of starting with All Access, why don't we start you in the new Membership Access where you have all of the lessons and mentors at your disposal and once you make it into Alpha, we will upgrade you to All Access (so you can get the weekly Shake Down and Big Picture newsletters) when you are ready to start trading? 

Now by doing this, you moved your sale down from $250 a month to $200. Now this still might be too much, maybe they are in school, or they served in the military, that's when it comes down to what you feel is fair and beneficial to them, however they still have to earn it. I have no problem offering a college student or a military vet a discount as long as they read 1 book a month and send me a brief summary of the book. If the cost is a concern they deserve to earn it, not just be handed it, because trust me everyone is broke when they need to pay you, yet they always find money to spend elsewhere. You don't want to be greedy but you don't want to be a pushover. Also if you are reading this and think you are going to use my own lessons on me, good luck :)

Now even at this point they still might not be sold and that is fine, just continue to cycle back through the conversation funnel where you would jump back to step 2 and gather intel and work down the line back through the steps. Below is the 7 step game plan outline and if you have a particular product or service you are selling, let me know and we can work 1-1 on how to improve the conversation funnel.  

  • Step 1 Build genuine rapport  
  • Step 2 Gather Intel (ask questions)
  • Step 3 Present your benefits 
  • Step 4 Close (high anchor)
  • Step 5 Address objections 
  • Step 6 Add pain 
  • Step 7 Close again (lower anchor) 

Do you have balls?

Your final test is to follow these 7 steps, post the entire conversation in the Group Chat of you closing a new member or selling one of your own products. If you are a sales beast it should only take you up to step 4, however it never hurt to go the extra mile so if you can, work through all 7 steps. Good luck and happy selling! 

You made it through some 66 pages and hopefully now that you have finished the Value program you have learned a thing or two. Some major topics we covered such as future pacing (positive or negative), how to always start with a high anchor, focusing on asking questions, using we and you over I and me, the 7 essential steps to any sales script, how there are only 4 real objections and everything else that we covered should have taken your sales skills to the next level (if not, then I guess I’m shitty at my job). 

Selling can be as easy or as hard as you think it can be, if you believe in what you are selling it is easy to sell, if you don’t or your passion is not in sales then it can be the hardest endeavor on the planet. Personally, I love it, because every sale is a challenge, I almost get excited to hear the no’s because I am prepared to handle their objections, and as time goes on you will too. 

Remember just like trading or any skill it takes time. To get my first member to join TE (who quit 24 hours later) I had to speak with 100+ people a day for over 6 months. Yes that means I spoke to 18,000 people who all told me no, before 1 person would spend a $1 with me. After I busted that nut I knew I could it, from there I brought in 20 members the next month (best month was 44 members) and fast forward to today or two years later, some 600 members have joined TE (sure some have left) and as of late, most of the mentors have been able to replace my closing efforts from what I have helped teach them (some good, some bad) in our Value Group Chat. 

A business is never short of an extra salesman and we are always look for more help. If you have read this and want to give sales a shot, let me know and we can see if you are a fit to join our team of mentors. If you want to sell a product, I dropship products all day long and can easily give you a turnkey business or product to sell. Your time is spent selling, my job is perfecting your sales skills, product pricing and placement. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and if your sales skills have improved let me know, always love a good sales story! 

From Bennett Zamani

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