The 7 C's

There are 7 C words that can help keep you on track regardless of what you are doing or where you are at in life. They are clarity, competence, constraint, concentration, creativity, courage, and continuous learning

Most of one's own success comes from being clear about who you are, what you believe in and what you want. Aka keep shit simple. If you like the girl, talk to said girl, if you want the job, apply, if you want to make money go sell shit. It's not rocket science just do what you want. 

Now if you are not competent at what you do the odds of you having clarity on what you want are probably slim to none, that’s why it is always smart to remember that the person who knows how will always have a job, and the person who knows why will always be the boss. 

Now this is a big one, fucking constraint, how many times have you negatively anchored towards something? That girl is too hot she would never go out with me, that car is too expensive I’ll never afford it, my GPA is too low I will never be able to run a successful business. Now if you have said those statements before you were probably right for the simple fact that you framed yourself to fail. Just like the new trader who said he's starting small so he can learn from his losses. Game over, the money is already gone, if you say you can do something, or say that you can't, you're usually right. Now say three positive things out loud that you will achieve and by when.

For Myself

  • I will help bring in 500 Alpha members by 5/24/2018
  • If I lose the bet with Shake I will buy him a Audemar Royal Oak by 5/1/2018 if not I’ll buy one for myself
  • I will buy a Ferrari just because before 2020 and will have a Pagani before 2025

Now you do it, if you really have balls, tell me your three and I will hold you to that shit. 

For 10 seconds right now, stop reading, close your eyes and try to drown out the inner voice in your head that’s reading these words back to you. See how hard it can be to drown out the noise and concentrate? In today's age with social media it can be difficult to stay on task and not get sucked into the hype that comes from that drug. However if you can focus on the task at hand and filter out the shit, you are one step ahead of your peers. 

Now maybe you are creative enough to spin that in your favor- now if you are reading this and telling me or telling yourself that you are going to vlog or do a podcast, close this shit out now and take a hike. When I say creative I mean doing something that makes sense, not a video on how you shave your fucking beard, trust me no one cares and more importantly no one will ever pay to see it. 

Now if you said fuck you to what I just said, that took courage and golf clap to you for having the courage to go down that path, however in 4 years when those $.10 youtube checks start rolling in because of that one video that got 500,000 views, just realize if you need a job you’ll probably only ever get one working as an Uber driver. 

The biggest factor that trumps all of the rest is continuous learning, if you are not setting aside time every day to improve yourself, that was a day wasted. To stay ahead of your peers you need to read, listen, consume, ask, commute, join groups, whatever the fuck it is, you just need to be learning daily. If you are thinking you don't have time, yet you have time to watch 2 hours of TV each night just remember who cuts the checks and who cashes them. Remember people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to. Let's take a moment and look at a loser who is not doing this, a prospect I will never waste my time talking to again. She cute tho, however beauty fades with time. 

The most common excuse ever “I don't have time”

Now I know she is as full of shit as virtually everyone else walking this planet who says “I’m busy” but instead of calling her on her bullshit, I will let her do that herself. I pivot to what she is not too busy for (watching tv) and would you look at that! She has a busy schedule yet manages to fit time to REwatch movies. Now that she stepped on our own land mine, I can reword my question and this is where I was able to determine if she is a loser or a leader. Another lame excuse, peace Natasha, you’re cute but this is a waste of my time.  

Do you have balls?

Post in the Group Chat which of the 7 C’s really hit home for you, and how you will focus this week on improving that C.

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