The 4 Pillars of a Scam

Binary Scammers --  Dime a Dozen

"But wait your name is Adam? My name is Bennett -- how did you cash my check?"


The 4 pillars of the Forex/Binary Scam

1. 90-95% success rate

2. Little money needed (preying on the poor)

3. Insane amounts of leverage offered (as high as 1000:1)

4. Make money in your sleep/No experience needed


Working in finance -- we're not saving lives or curing cancer, we are here to make money for our clients, family, friends & members. In most cases, working in finance draws a negative connotation. 

"Wall Street is full of crooks" ---- & sure, there are plenty of bad seeds out there. We feel it's our duty to shed light on these evil predators. 

We've been noticing a trend in the Forex and Binary Options Market (Slot Machines of Trading) over the past few years. 10 years ago when I first began trading, the scam at the time was penny stocks. Back then, these marketing firms would put together these seemingly sophisticated brochures costing upwards of $250,000 (which they were quick to disclose on the back). Who reads the back anyway?

The brochure's would promise these speculative penny stock companies were sure to become the next Exxon or Apple. Did they turn into the winners they promised? Fuck no, they went to ZERO like the MAJORITY of these turd penny stocks. 

As time goes on, most people catch onto the scam and move on -- just like when the Nigerian Prince emails you that he has $10mil and needs $5k from you to launder it into the States. Every scam runs its course and when it finally does, they need to change their story. 

The new stories are the Forex and Binary Options Guru's who prey on the dumb and naive by making such ridiculous claims that any rational person would dismiss it. They do this on purpose. The scammers do not want to talk to rational people, because rational people don't buy into scams. Dumb people do and that's who they want to sell to. 

The 4 pillars of the Forex/Binary Scam 

1. 90-95% success rate 

2. Little money needed (preying on the poor)

3. Insane leverage offered (as high as 1000:1) 

4. Make money in your sleep/No experience needed 


So lets break down these 4 down into greater detail.........

1. 90-95% success rate - where on earth could someone be right that much? I don't care if its flipping a coin or anything for that matter, as professional traders, if we are right even 30% of the time out of 1,000 trades -- that can be a good year. 35% can be a great year. Hedge fund's (Smart Money) are usually only right about 40% of the time, but don't worry with these gurus there right 60% of the time --- every time. 😎 (Anchorman joke if you didn't catch it) 


2. Little money needed (preying on the poor) - Most people who are naive enough to believe this scam aren't usually in the best financial situation. They're low on funds, looking to get rich overnight -- similar to those who buy  lotto tickets every week. You know you're buying a losing ticket -- but the brief moment of fantasizing winning such a large sum and becoming the next Oprah is why they play. You get a car! You get a car! 


3. Insane leverage offered (Ive seen as high as 1000:1) - You want to lose your money fast -- use leverage.  Think about it for a second: when starting something new, let's say, a new sport or getting back into the gym. You usually suck at first, so why would you want to suck day 1 x 1000? It would be like never playing baseball in your life, then stepping up to the plate at Yankee Stadium. But again, dumb people want to get rich with little money, no experience and fast! Leverage me up please!  


4. Make money in your sleep/No experience needed - Same as number 3. When in life did you just walk in and begin crushing anything with no experience? No experience = results?! HOW?


Below is one of the dumbest & funniest Binary Frauds that we've ever seen. One of our members in our free CAPPA group chat brought it to our attention because he was using our pictures.

If you go on his IG page @official_adams_matt you will see dozens of pictures right off our @TradingExperts IG account, even to the point of copying our captions, this one took the cake, a week earlier he posted a picture of another one of my checks and said next week (this week) he was going to make more and magic look he did! All he did was screen shot our pics, post an $11,000 check than wait a few days and post one of our bigger checks for $48,000.

Now these scammers are actually still pretty dumb and when you catch them in there lies, the stories they make up are straight up comical.

I DM'd this loser from my personal account that shows my full name, the same name in the pictures he was posting pretending were his even though his name is Matt and mine is Bennett.

When we come across these losers who DM us, we bring them into our Free Group Chat and ask them simple questions, and watch them slowly lose there shit, which they all do. This guy took the cake tho


As soon as we brought him in, he started to remove our members to try and sabotage our business, just like all this frauds and scammers there a negative value add, they do nothing to help society and try to profit by ripping people off. Talk about biting the hands that feed you, if his business was built on copying us and we block him, how will he continue?

If you read this far, go peep his account if its not shut down by now for a good laugh, an old trading vet I know use to say "if its too good to be true, it probably has a dick"





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