The 4 No's

Here is a little secret, you might be thinking that there are thousands of objections yet there really are only 4 that are spun into different excuses. Here are the 4 objections you run into 24/7 365 in virtually all walks of life. 

  • No money
  • No urgency
  • No need
  • No trust

  • No allows the real issue to be brought up.

    No protects people from making decisions when they are not certain. 

    No slows things down so that people can freely embrace their decisions.

    No helps people feel safe, secure, comfortable, and in control. 

    No moves people forward. 

    What do No’s Mean?


    They are not ready to agree 

    You are making them uncomfortable 

    They do not understand 

    They don't think they can afford it 

    They want something else 

    They need more information 

    They want to talk it over with someone else

    Do you have balls?

    In the Value Chat post your follow up when you were presented with one of the 4 objections. 

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