Straight Line

Selling needs to be a repeatable process, just like anything else and below are the bones of the conversation. As we continue to keep reading we will get into the meat of each topic, for now let's take a quick look at a sales conversation in it’s most simplest form.

-The first four seconds make or break the sale (start off positive and end positive) 

-Build and gain massive rapport 

-Gather intelligence (ask questions and listen than ask some more)

-Transition to the body of the presentation (time to pivot and show your authority) 


-Ask for the order (high anchor, always no matter what start height, cannot stress this enough), prepare for the no, and be ready to address the objections. The sale starts after the first no. 

-Deflect and build certainty through the process of looping through their objections (no matter if it's $.01, $9 million or you are paying them to make them money, it's too high, embrace it, shit be excited for the no because this is when the fun begins).


-Lower the action threshold (lower anchor), everyone wants to feel special and get a deal that's why you started off high. Don’t be an amateur and undercut yourself before they’ve even said no.

-Add on pain (positive or negative future pacing), if your product or service provides a benefit or services a need, sometimes asking what their future would be like without it, could be the cold dose of reality needed “You lost $10,000 last year on your own, are you sure you don't need help learning how to improve your trading?”

-Close, ask for the order, people hate asking for the order, ask and you just might receive.

-Turn the customer into a referral, develop life long customers, each customer or client should be someone you want to be working with for life, if your product service or even you cannot provide that type of value, you will be spinning the hamster wheel prospecting for life.

Lastly your tonalities are key, some of the most important ones are below:  

I care

I really want to know 

Declarative as a question 




Absolute certainty

Utter sincerity 

Reasonable man

Money aside 


I feel your pain   

Forget all the bullshit apps or add ons that you think your E com site needs, E com doesn't really stand for E commerce, well technically it does however it really should stand for E communication. The more you communicate properly with your prospects the more sales you should generate. The more time you spend on your email automation or cute IG posts that no one other than you gives a shit about, well you know that story, no sales for you.  

Do you have balls? 

Summarize the 10 simple steps to closing a sale in the Value Chat.

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