Spoon Feeding

When chatting with prospects, we tend to get asked the same questions over and over again, where for us it's a broken record and annoying or lazy, however for the person on the other end, they are not aware that you have been asked “what broker?” 9,345,665,432 times this year. With that being said and with a big sigh of relief, you need to remember that your job is to spoon feed your prospects. Let's take a look at a recent example:

Now Spencer’s response does not look all that bad on the surface, Janard asked a question and Spencer told him where to find his answer. The problem is that 10/10 times the prospect is not going to go that extra mile to go find the answer. 

You need to spoon feed them. Here are some examples of conversations between the prospect and you. 

How would I be able to take the next step? (prospect)

The next steps to join can be found in the link below, spend some time reading it and I will follow up in an hour to answer any of your questions, sound good? (you)

https://tradingexperts.org/products/allaccess (you)


How can I learn more? (prospect)


Have you joined our Getting Started Group Chat that has a 50 page trading program included? (you)

Yes I have (prospect)

(If they have already) Have you completed the What’s Next program and started on the Dumb Money program and group chat? (you)

(If they have already) Have you watched the 50+ free video lessons that we have put together on our YouTube page below? 

Trading Experts Youtube Page (you)

(If they have already) What is holding you back from becoming an active member and working your way towards becoming an Alpha member? (you)


When in doubt send the links, always spoon feed no matter how lazy you feel they are, do not bring up discount codes until after they have mentioned that their reason for not joining is cost and only after you ask how much they can afford. I cannot tell you how many times I have offered steep discounts when the prospect only wanted a few bucks off, however it’s my fault for not taking the time to probe longer. 

Do you have balls? 

In the Mentor Chat post a screenshot showing how you successfully spoon fed a prospect. 

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