Sous Chef

Sous Chef

Did you know that to become a sushi chef in Japan as an apprentice you have to make rice for 2 years straight? For 700+ days you have to make the shit that comes for free with every order of chinese food here in the US. Not only that, the rice you made for 2 plus years, gets thrown in the garbage every single day. Now let's really dig the knife in (and twist it), not only do you have to make perfect rice day in and day out for 2 years, the rice you make is used only to store the fish that the Sushi Chef’s need for that day, then in the trash it goes. Imagine the mind fuckery! Ever see a sushi chef lose his shit? Those guys are all smiles and have the patience of monks, fuck they would probably make decent swing traders.

“You can whine that you have to go to work or be grateful that you have a job.”

For those apprentices that made it through that mental mind fuck for 700+ days, they earned the right to prepare a delicacy that us Westerners have fucked up to no end, even though it's delicious. Ever had a sushi roll with pop rocks on it? I have and it was to die for, just a casual $18 a piece (not a roll) at Ninja in Soho. The chefs in Japan would turn over in their grave if they saw the shit that passed for sushi here in NYC. Now you might be thinking, why the fuck do I care that sushi chefs had to be fucked with for 2 years to be granted entry to an elite circle of masters of their craft?

Trading is a similar process. Do you know how many times on a daily basis some cocky rookie will tell us “just wait a year and see what happens” yet in a month they’re broke, again. Those traders don't have the mental mind frame to take a step back and really hone their craft and master the simple stuff like making rice. They would much rather start wiping up Philadelphia rocks with candy on top covered in soy sauce.

If you are in your 20’s or even your 30’s, the market will be here for you for the next 40 to 50+ years. Spending a few months, fuck even a year to really learn can set you on a path that will pay dividends for decades. Or you can rush it like 90% of people and blow your wad before you can figure out what the hell happened.  

Do you have balls?

In the Group Chat share a time where you mastered a skill in the space of a week (no, not really) no one masters anything that quickly. Share something that you feel you excel it (truly excel at), maybe it's a sport, or coding, whatever it is, share how long it took you to truly become proficient at it and what steps you needed to take to get to where you are.


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