Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters, you decide

Would you rather have gotten our Trade of the Week : SO Long through $51.50 with a $.50 stop loss at $50.99 and ride it to $54 this week with us for a $250 profit per 100 shares purchased.


Tried to trade the market on your own and hope you didn't "Pierre Paul" (Blow your self up) yourself in the process while the market dropped over 100 points in 3 days, to bounce back another 100 points in a matter of a few days?

If you want to learn how we crush the Bull Flag pattern, and consistently lock in profits, with minimal downsize risk?



  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Hey there I’m Khaya would love to trade some of the stocks you guys are trading interested in SO and SPY so far since you guys work with those trades a lot…thanks will be looking forward to your responds.


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