Seriously People

Seriously People

Now unless you live under a fucking rock, you know who Kevin Hart is, there's also a good chance you have seen one of his stand up specials or seen him in major films like Ride Along or Get Hard. However you might not have read any of his books. Spoiler alert, his book was actually somewhat serious and not all that funny because for 95% of his professional life he was bouncing from all time lows to new all time lows.

He spent over a decade plus doing stand up 5 nights a week, most of the time for free before any major breakthroughs. Even in his first major special, he was dressed head to toe in Gucci which was purchased on a maxed out credit card and was returned to the store after the show was over because he couldn't afford it (fake it till ya make it approach). He couldn't even afford to fly his wife out to be there to watch him perform and just to fill the seats for that special all the tickets were free. Talk about fucking low. However in this 500+ page biography, there was one paragraph that stood out where he said:

“Cultivating the ability to listen to advice I didn't want to hear, objectively evaluate it, and know when to implement it didn't come naturally to me. I had to learn it the hard way, from someone who was very difficult to listen to. It was one of the most valuable gifts Keith (his mentor) gave to me. A firm ‘no’ is the ugliest sound in the world, which triggers a defensive response in your brain: ‘naw you’re wrong!” But he was right, I wasn't ready. I still knew nothing about the art of comedy. The problem was my impatience.”

Shit raise your hand if that doesn't sound like every single new trader with a fresh bankroll. I was that way, Shake was that way, all of our mentors were that way, and all of our Alpha members were that way in the beginning as well. It’s natural to start out that way, however the faster you can realize it, own up to it, and step over the hurdle that's holding you back. The faster you can move one step further away from dumb money to the semi smart side.

As we can see from Kevin Hart’s latest stand up where even his microphone is gold, clearly his hard work paid off. People tend to have no trouble complaining that celebrities like Kevin can pull in millions for less than one hour of their time - but these same people are quick to forget that he has been preparing for over a decade, improving and honing his craft. Come on now people. Say that last sentence again and you can probably even hear Kevin Hart’s voice in your head as he often emphasizes the word ‘people’.

“If you don’t climb the mountain, you can’t see the view”

Kevin Hart's story is one that any new trader can relate to. They just want to prove to whoever (their parents, their ex, their friends, God) that they can successfully trade the market, when more often than not, they simply can’t and those people (even your family) could honestly care less. This is not because they’re dumb or because it's impossible, it’s simply because they have not honed their craft. They have not earned the right to be successful, they haven’t had to endure the thousands of nos, you’re wrongs, and you’re stupids to earn the right to join that small circle of successful traders.

Do you have balls?

In the Group Chat fill in the statements below with honesty and let's see if you’re ready for the main event or if you still need to focus on going to open mic nights on Tuesday afternoons.

  1. My trading strategy is……….
  2. My ideal risk reward is……..
  3. At this risk reward I only need to be successful in (X%) of my trades
  4. My A+ set up is………………….
  5. My worst trade was …….., and I learned …… from that trade.


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