ONCE you trade with us.... (Pun intended)

Earlier in the week, we sent out a Trade Alert on ONCE. After earnings had a somewhat positive reaction yesterday, we had our eye on this one and what a clean breakout!
Yesterday, the trade ignited and has all the symptoms to be a tremendous breakout. Our entry price was $60 and had our stop at the low of the day, $57.99 ($2 risk). It rose as high as $64.90 and closed at $63.25 on very high volume (pointed out by the pink arrow). After day 1 our trade already has a very favorable risk reward. 
Because of the volume we didn't take any profit today looking for follow through in the days to come. 
Big shout out to Trading Expert Member Dave, who is up $400 on his Trade in ONCE so far!
Big shout out to another Trading Expert Member who made some gains in ONCE!
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