People are prone to saying no, even when deep down they want to say yes. When you don't trust someone, a no is at the tip of the tongue. One of the most powerful times to build trust is after a buyer says no. 

A confused mind will always say no

Buyers are often unaware of there real objections and questions until they start to become educated about the product or service you provide. Now, a rookie salesman loses their heads when they hear no. They get defensive and go down a spiral of closing and dead bolting door after door as they continue to turn a prospect into someone who will never buy. While a professional seller will glide you through the process as you say no. Let's take a look at two shitty salesmen below:

Here is a perfect example of not providing value. This rookie salesman DM’d us saying he would love for us to do out shout out because it would help him. No shit Sherlock, you have 12 followers, we would definitely help your useless page. But why should we? He is focusing only on how we will help him, a shitty salesman. Now let's take a look at another approach. 

Now this guy, other than talking way too much, is offering some value and we would be happy to help. The only problem is that he was all talk, no action. He spent 10 minutes writing out this 9-page offer only to not follow through. Both rookie salesmen who are professional door closers. 

No just means not right now 

Now you have to remember to dumb yourself down. I don't care what you are selling or how smart you want to sound, your prospect is not going to understand the lingo or acronyms. Dumb your pitch down and spoon feed them like a baby. If the buyer does not see a clear way to get or use your product, guess what the answer will be (no). Now even when you do dumb it down and spoon feed them, people will still fuck it up and that’s just life. 

This is simple right? Download an app, send us your number and we can add you to our group chat. Do you want to know how many times people could not figure out this simple process? Hundreds of times people have asked, “where should I send my cell to?” right after I sent them this image during our conversation. However annoying as it might be having to tell the person to send the person they are talking to right now their cell phone number, it's much easier to answer that one dumb question, than to try and explain the entire process to thousands of people on a weekly basis. 

This is why giving a limited amount of information isn't necessarily a flaw in your presentation. Generally speaking, it's better to give too little information and have a buyer wondering and asking for more than blowing your wad explaining everything, only to give them the ammo to complain about one of the hundred points you just addressed. Think even in your own experiences, have you run into a salesman who just wouldn’t shut the hell up? Even when dating, it's the same thing, build rapport, ask questions, handle objections what are we?! You know the drill. There have been women that I have taken out and this year, three of them are ringing a bell. They have gotten so used to me asking questions that from the second I pick them up until the second I leave, they do not stop talking. So be warned, use your sales skills with care or you might just get stuck listening longer than one can handle (sanely). 

Don't forget, you are paid to close, not open

More Value Task - To avoid the answer no, your task is to work on your open end questioning skills related to the person buying your product. In the Value chat, post 3 examples of prospects you were working on where you were able to keep the question open ended rather than a yes/no question.

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