Missing out.....

So happy to hear all the members that profited from this prefect breakout in EA


Trading Experts Member Kris sold $.10 off highs in EA, took the proceeded from that trade and got long Yahoo and took a quick trade in GWPH ! Talk about a man on a mission, keep up the hard work buddy!


Happy to hear its all starting to click for our Trading Experts Member Armando!


Our Trading Experts Member flying through the Game Planning Program, consolidating a years worth on trading into a 12 lesson program to teach the fundamentals of trading.


Sure you can read a ton of books that are politically correct about trading from academics that never traded and live in a perfect world or you can get real advise from traders with over 10 years of experience. Want to know when we started trading  March 2007...... 6 months before the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.


"Okay, its making alot more sense, thank you!" - Trading Expert Member Larry

Every business is going to say that 'we're the best" blah blah blah, that's boring, go ask our members what they really think.

"I've had trials with some but yours are just steady, safe and measured!" - Trading Experts Member Kris

We are not stock gurus with some magic formula, or some unicorn that is always right. What separates us from the 90% of investors and traders that loose money each year are two main thing, we are consistent in our set ups being that we trade what we know and we continue to learn from each trade.

"I can finally see and your lessons kept me in check" - from another Trading Experts Member, we love hearing of this "ah ha" moments our members have when we peel the curtains back.

"do the work to learn and really think about the concepts" - One of our newer members and he is exactly right, when you are taught something, do you learn how to ride a bike by reading a book? No, you get out on that bike and fall a few times and learn how to improve.

Risk Reward is not rocket science, however most new traders, have negative risk rewards, in the scene if they buy a stock and it increases in value, they sell for an arbitrary reason, "Im up $250 bucks Im out!", that same trader will buy the next stock and hold it against him as he is $1,000 in the hole only to wait 2 months and once its profitable again sell it for that magically $250 buck.  That is a backwards idea that 90% of traders live by (we did too some 8 years ago). Once you learn how to manage your risk, your are one step ahead of the rest that fail.



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