Missing out on a Lay up, EA Long Update

Our members new about our Trade in EA long back on July 7th, and a few days later we get this beautiful break out! Happy to hear of all the members profiting from this trade!


Trading Expert  Member Max "And sold partial of EA for some nice gains!"


Another Trading Experts Member, who goes by Mister Wolf "Loved this alert (EA), Im holding for $80, I feel there's more to come on this one"


EA update: As the last two days have shown, this is the perfect type of breakout for when the market is grinding to all time highs. It is the epitome of strength so it's only natural that it takes off when the market is doing the same. You want to trail this stock and ride out this market momentum, you never know how far it can go! We have our stop firmly placed at $76.99 below the low of the high-volume ignition bar then brought it through resistance. We have sold some of our stock to cover our risk, and will ride out the remaining position with a trailing stop. Nothing better than a free trade! If it's free, it's for me 😎


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