Let's Make a Deal

Selling is storytelling, generate excitement, tell the story, help them visualize the benefits and they will sell themselves on it. When you do this, review the conversation and spot areas where you did well and spots where you fucked up. As you continue to do this, your process should continue to sharpen. 

When you are handling objections remember that they will never show their whole card, you have to figure out what they really want. Remember that the given reason tends to never be the real reason, so you can eliminate that one from the start. 

People tend to fall into one of two camps, the I make great deals camp or the I can’t make a deal to save my life camp. Most people tend to think they are in the former while most are in the latter. It's quite simple, other than big ticket items, haggling and making deals is lost in the sea of overpriced and immediately discounted before the buyer has a chance to say no. Now there have been times, even from my own sales experience where I bobbed and weaved from either side of the coin. With the limo business there were limited negotiations, price was the price, take it or leave it. I started to solely adopt that approach with my person to person drop shipping business too, but I will be the first to admit that it took some time to build up the confidence to say no to a sale. With Trading Experts I will tell most they are not allowed to join before they even ask the price (if you are scratching your head at this approach, we will get there in time). Let's walk through some of the major ones when negotiating the deal or sale you are trying to close.   

When selling, aim to close immediately once they have confirmed they want to buy. When on the other side of the deal, no matter how good it sounds, never accept on the spot, especially big ticket items like homes or cars. 

When stating your price, add 10% to it and stay firm. The other side may accept, but most will likely look for a deal because they’re special (that’s why we added 10% from the jump). Now when they say no, do not counter, that shows a sign of weakness, get a counter offer. I cannot tell you how much money I have left on the table by not getting their counter after my offer and instead jumping the gun and discounting first. When it comes to Trading Experts when someone wants a discount, just because they ask does not mean that I will grant their wish, magical genie I am not. 

I'm not here to be Scrooge McDuck either. Often when this is brought up, I will give them a task to exceed that will benefit them, and if they exceed it I will gladly help them out, but only if they are willing to help themselves. Now if you are thinking you are about to message me asking for some deal, good luck, I’ve only had to do this 10,000 times, so you better come prepared or you will be leaving with your tail between your legs.  

If the person you are trying to sell to needs to get approval, he is not the decision maker, skip over him and get to the person who cuts the checks. As a salesperson you also might be this person and that's fine, the other person does not have to know that. If you need to get it ok’d by someone higher up, do it, but no one has a gun to your head forcing you to tell the prospect that you have to get approval first. 

Everything in this world is negotiable even a contract, your job is to find out how you can help the other person into wanting to change the terms of the deal. A deal can always be made when both parties see their own benefit in making it. They cant afford it, what could they do in exchange to lower the cost? Now if this is the case, make sure they deliver what they promise before you hand over the keys.  

More Value Task - Let's put your sales skills to the test. Your task is to go out and try to close 3 of your prospects today, not tomorrow or next Thursday or the next full moon. Right now, and after you ask them if they are ready to order today and they object about price, ask for their counter offer (this is the task). Do not lower the price to what you assume would be the deal sealer, ask them, accept their counter offer if they are willing to order today and let's see the results.

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