Jungle Book

Jungle Book

Have you ever watched an episode on the Discovery Channel about any of the jungles around the world? There was one I can still remember that went into detail on the jungle’s complexity with all the different species of animals that live there. They each manage to survive because they are the best at one specialized task. These animals master their one skill and crush it, they are either humble enough (or are not smart enough for their own good) to know they cannot each be the king of the jungle.

If you are thinking you are going to be the king of the stock market jungle, sit your little ass down. Mr Market has been ruling that kingdom for hundreds of years. We see this same level of complexity in the workforce, with team sports, and all over society. People specialize in skills and exploit those talents. For us, our specialization is simplifying our trading process, focusing on leaders and buying them as they break out to new all time highs. Are we expert short sellers, option collar traders, reversal traders or the other 9,000 different types of traders? Fuck no, can we do all of the above? Ehh, if we really had to we could figure them out. However we don't care, we know where we excel and exploit the shit out of it at every possible opportunity. We know where we don't excel and can humbly admit so.

“Everyone wants to win when the game is on, yet most will not train the other 6 days.”

For the new trader though, they’re hungry, they’re the little Simba who wants to trade stocks, options, forex, bitcoins, binary options, penny stocks, weed stocks, futures, baseball cards, bubble gum, the list goes on. The more these people list the shit they trade, the more we know how much they suck at all of them. MJ kills it on the court, put him on a football field, can he compete? Sure he's a competitive motherfucker however do you think Tom Brady isn't going to make it rain out there against MJ in his prime?

Regardless of what it is, you have to figure out what you are really good at, and capitalize on that before you get distracted doing other shit. If you have spent some time in our chats, you might see the words “loser shit” tossed around. Now in the beginning you might think, damn they’re fucking harsh. However for us, it keeps us from getting distracted from said loser shit.


Master one skill, even if it's not ours, for about 90% of you reading this trading will not be for you, and that's completely fine. We want to thin the herd and narrow down to the hardworking, motivated traders who want to learn and help others along the way. Not stand there with their hand out asking “what should I buy?” like a sucker. Let's take a break from reading for a moment and watch a video recap of how Shake murdered this SQ swing and let's see what you learned from that trade.

Do you have balls?

In the comment section on this video share 3 things that you learned from this video recap and if you really have balls let's see if you can explain what your trading strategy is (in less than 2 sentences).

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