I'm Busy

I'm Busy

When you ask someone how they’re doing, the typical response is “busy.” 9/10 times your response will usually be something along the lines of, “better to be busy than not busy.” When really, are we all that busy? Or do we like to pretend that we’re busy? It doesn't matter who you are. You could be the President of the United States or a Corporate CEO, you can always spare a couple of minutes for something you care about. If you have the time to scroll through IG and tag friends in memes, you have the time to improve a skill set by 1% per day.

This can be applied to any skill set doesn't have to be just for trading stocks.

  1. Set aside 1 minute a day to improve the skill at hand

             (pro tip : set a daily reminder in that thing that's in your left hand 95% of the day)

  1. No days off - sick, new years, world is ending, there is always time
  2. No excuses

1% improvement daily is all that's needed

If you're reading this clearly, this is geared towards trading, however this can apply to any interest. Think of yourself and something you truly excel at. Did you magically become good at it over night? Probably not. Did Michael Jordan walk onto the court day one and dunk from the foul line? Of course not. He woke up at 5 am every day before school to practice after he was cut from the varsity high school basketball team. If you have a passion to succeed with trading, it's not just going to come overnight or even from any lesson we can teach you. It comes from you being consistent in your pursuit to succeed. We will help get you on the right path and guide you in the right direction, however, it will be you and only you who will determine your success.

We spent years running around in circles as traders thinking we were smart yet making every mistake in the book while losing money. However it didn't matter because each day we learned something new. Early on, we learned that penny stocks were for suckers. We learned how dumb it was to hold losers and sit with them for months, only to sell them the second we saw green on the screen. With no game plan, we would then watch the stock continue to rip higher after we sat through all the pain, while reaping very little reward. Sounds familiar?

“The old bulls trade with simplicity, foolish ones compound complexity”

We could write for hours on all the dumb shit we did since our 2006 entrance into the market. Regardless of the monetary loss or gain over the last 3000+ trading days, we’ve learned something new each and every day. It doesn't have to be an earth shattering concept, just little things here and there -- mostly a ton of “what not to do’s.” Those 3,000+ trading days would have happened with or without us, just like the next 3,000 will happen regardless of what you or I do. Focus on you and make daily improvements that will compound over your lifetime and pay dividends for years to come.


Do you have balls?

In the Getting Started Group Chat explain a time where you wanted to learn a new skill and the steps you took to achieve the goal you had.


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