Hey, You Up?

Talking with new salespeople they often get embarrassed following up on a prospect who has given them the cold shoulder. But we’ve all texted that girl one too many times after she's clearly made it obvious she’s not into you. Fuck that, keep going (following up with the prospect). Eventually, they will answer and tell you to piss off or finally give in. If they never answer, really what’s the worst that's going to happen? A girl might file a restraining order, sure, a prospect? Not a chance, there is no downside in following up, the only downside is never following up. 

You can't turn ‘try’ into ‘triumph’ without any umph!

I’ve followed up with some prospects for years, just simple hey how have you been Mike? Copy and paste every month, and you know what that 12th or 13th time, eventually they come around and act as if nothing happened. Determination is what keeps us chipping away at our prospects. Determined people possess the stamina and courage to pursue their ambitions despite criticism, ridicule and unfavorable circumstances. Weak people get turned off by discouragement, while the strong embrace it as they come out stronger. More than half of our improvements on Trading Experts as a business came from criticism and ridicule. Our trolls have helped our business improve more than any 5-star review on Facebook saying how amazing we are. Now if you want to be a G and leave us a review that would be cool too. 

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Today we live in a culture of instant gratification. The attributes of patience and determination are hard to find today. Now, most salesmen fall victim to this and my younger self fell victim to this in my earlier years. Eventually, I realized that time will happen regardless, so if it takes me a year to close him or even two years, who cares. I will close him in time without a doubt in my mind. Now, in the beginning, this can be discouraging because your pipeline is about as full as a Mojave desert is full of water. As you continue to build your pipeline of prospects, the ones you started working with a few months ago are will be finally ready to pay. Then next month, the group you picked up the following month is ready and that hose started to drip a few droplets of water into your mouth. Eventually, the bucket is overflowing and you will be complaining of too much business, or even better, you will be able to increase your prices. We have been able to justifiably increase our price from $10 a month to over $300 as a result of building up a solid pipeline and improving our business.  

There is no try, there is either do or not do 

When it comes to sales, most want to finish first, I just want to gain the victory. Want to know what victory sounds like? Cha Motherfucking Ching. When you hear that Cha Ching sound that is a victory won. (The Shopify App makes a cha-ching sound with sales notifications). My victories come in every morning at 5:24am just the way I like to start my day with a breakfast full of sales closed, ready to get out there and close the new sales lining up. Now you should enjoy doing this because it's fun, you are making an attempt to grow your business, you are setting a goal, you are experiencing pain, setbacks, defeats and no’s that are testing your own limits. The harder the goal takes to achieve the more fun it is when you can reap the rewards. After a year of DMing 100 people a day, I had $31 in sales to show for it. Shake was not too impressed with what he thought were my impressive sales skills. We forged on and set a goal that once Trading Experts crossed 100 members we would buy gold Rolex Presidential Day Dates, not some Date that was just a few thousand bucks that every 24-year-old rock. 

If we were going to bring in 100 members we were going to buy a Presidential. The watch was ready for pick up and already paid for, however, there was one problem, we were only at 98 members. That watch sat at my jeweler's store, boxed up and ready to be taken home for another week before we reached our goal. 


We kicked the reward goal down the road and said nah 300 members and then we will have earned it. We did this because the hunt tends to be more fun than the acquisition. Now those are purely extensional goals, but it's hard to articulate the joy of seeing members exceed goals that we did not imagine possible, such as members making $100,000 profit in a day. The only reason why those things were able to happen was due to the fact that we were able to pursue our ambitions despite criticism, ridicule and unfavorable circumstances (that we all have). 

More Value Task - Your task today is to message, call, text, IG DM (I don’t care what method of communication you use) a prospect that you are scared to talk to and start a conversation. Once you do, please share the outcome in the chat.  Also, state what your sales goal is and what reward you will treat yourself with once you reach it. 

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