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After teaching new traders for a couple of years at this point, we find ourselves answering the same questions all the time. In order to start the process of bridging the gap between beginners & professionals, we’ve created the “Getting Started” Program with the goal of getting you up to speed more quickly than ever before. On top of that, we’ve added three of our top stories focusing on the same major mistakes we made as newcomers as many new traders tend to make upon first entering the market.

By the end of this reading you will understand the concepts of a proper game plan, the idea of risk/reward and applying it to reading charts in order to formulate winning trades.

Along with each lesson, we’ve included questions for you to answer along the way to solidify the knowledge. Your work is not done through these 7 lessons, it is only the beginning. You do not need to be a math whiz or have a perfect GPA to be a successful trader. You do need proper game planning and the right guidance along the way.

By the time you are done you will know the answers to:
What Broker?
How to Scan for Setups?
Order Types?
Chart Set Ups?
Game planning?

Best of luck & happy trading!


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  • I am willing to learn and really put my everything into trading

    TASHA Glenn
  • Hello I’m from United Kingdom and I’m really interested in the trading business I have really good game planning skills and know a fair bit about the trading market but I do need to educate myself more into it. I want to focus myself into trading even if I win or lose because taking risks is the only way you can succeed. Please get back to me thank you.

    Tom smith

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