Game Planning

Even if you aren't a sports fan, the concept of having a game plan before heading into a game should not be a foreign concept to you. We can all agree that if a team or individual does not have a plan the likelihood of success is minimal or luck at best. Even in less competitive areas they will be more likely to succeed with a quick plan of action. There was a wise old man who once said “If you don't plan, you are planning to fail” that old man by the way, was Ben Franklin. 

That is why before buying your first stock, you always need a game plan, and not just for when you are right, but more importantly for when you are wrong, this is when having a game plan keeps you in the game. 

We put together our most critical lessons that new investors need to learn before putting their money into the markets. You must fully understand the concept of risk management, execution, game planning, risk-reward and proper chart reading before you even think about investing your hard earned money. 

Find below a table of contents along with each lesson including questions for you to answer to solidify your learning of these concepts. These lessons will take you through the learning process of a new trader on Wall Street and everything they’re taught in their first year. How do we know? We’ve been through the gauntlet. We want you to learn from all the mistakes we’ve made and profit in the process. 

You don’t need to be a math whiz or have a perfect GPA to be a successful trader. You do need proper game planning and the right guidance along the way.

From Ben and Shake


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