First Date

You might not know this but I am more of an introvert by nature, (extroverts are talkative and outgoing, while introverts are quiet and private) now if you are in sales being an introvert is frankly just not going to cut it, unless you want to be a poor salesman. Now when it comes to dating, the first date is nothing but a sales pitch. The woman gets dolled up much more than she would if you have been dating for five years and puts on her biggest smile. You make sure your hair is done and that you're dressed to the nines. 

Nobody’s gotten a handjob in cargo shorts since ‘Nam!” - Superbad 

From there you pick her up (again I hope), you guys go out to eat, or go do something fun (who knows what you kids are doing nowadays). Hopefully once at the location, you can ask her interesting questions about herself to learn more about her and hopefully, you can end the night how you wanted to. Sounds simple enough, however, most first dates, or dating, in general, can give people unnecessary anxiety. 

In selling, the person asking the questions controls and leads the sale (or date) 

When I started to look at meeting the opposite sex from a sales perspective, it was much easier to break down. In today's society especially for the ladies (I’m sorry but it's true) it’s very easy to get an idea down of their interests and hobbies are from their social media posts. Picture with dog #lovebaxter, mental note, topic dogs - how's Baxter? Wearing scrubs in a picture, she's a nurse, and probably working the overnight shift, about a dozen questions there. Bikini picture on the beach with some random quote, she likes to travel. A few minutes of doing your research and you have half a dozen questions queued up and ready to fire off that about topics that are clearly important to her. Instead of being the square who opens with so this weather lately, crazy right? Don't be that loser, do your research and come prepared. Ask, sit back and listen, find the follow-up question to ask when she stops talking. Eventually, she will try to turn the conversation onto you so she can gather her intel as well, however whether you want to divulge or not will be based on how you can pivot on the fly. The worst of all, So what are you looking for? My response to tends to be, That’s such a great question what are you looking for?

Logic is used to rationalize decisions, 

but only after an emotional involvement has occurred

Shake always busts my balls on this topic because just like in business, I try to provide value first which can sometimes send a mixed message. For example, one girl was entering a modeling competition and she was complaining about the cost of this specific bikini, I shit you not it was $700 for this bikini that she needed. She showed me a picture of it, and after a few messages to a wholesaler I knew, I found her the same exact bikini for under $200, same day. Or if the girl wants more followers (every girl does) well I have a few apps that can help speed that up. They want to travel? I’m going to Exuma in two weeks, Turks in a month, DR in December, Italy in May, do you want to come on any of those trips? So as much as he busts my balls about it, I would rather be that guy, the guy that offers to help first and always pays-- I’ve heard horror stories of guys saying they have to go to the bathroom as soon as the check arrives. Don’t be the guy who needs to get picked up. Be a gentleman and eventually you'll start to get treated like one. 

More Value Task - Your task here is to ask out the girl you’re scared to ask out (if you have a girlfriend take her out to her favorite place), after building some rapport use an A/B question to set the date, Hey Maddie, is Wednesday or Thursday better for you at 8pm? After you lock down the date and time, do your research and have 5 questions ready to ask, your task here is to post the 5 questions you plan to ask so that we can tweak them if needed. After the date, let's hear a recap and see if these pointers helped. Remember most girls could give two shits about what you do or what you drive (if they care what about what you drive, drive away, focus on letting them talk). 

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