Execution Intelligence

Execution Intelligence

Execution intelligence is the ability to convert smarts into action, people tend to get all wrapped up in the fluff, they want the coolest looking computer with flashing LED lights or the most likes on their IG post or some other useless shit. A true business man or trader knows the idea is not king, a timely solution is. If it takes you a week to make 10% and the other guy a year to make 10%, it doesn't matter how cool he looks, his bankroll will always be behind the eight ball. Execution intelligence is a time management asset. When you are trading, you are not looking for the perfect solution, or to dream up a new answer, your goal is to put risk on where it makes sense verse saying how you woulda, shoulda, or coulda done so. The key is your doability, not your theories. We all have access to the same information, the edge comes from how you analyze and pull the triggers you see fit.

Recently we are seeing headlines such as:

DOW drops 500 points in craziest session in the history of the stock market!!!

Now if your a piker who falls victim to head line news, that sounds scary, yet 500 points on an indice that is at 25,000 is barely 2%, point wise they are not lying, percent wise it's no big deal. When the DOW was at 1,000 it was not dropping 50% in a day. This is why that headline means nothing because we didn't even see it. For the piker who puked stock as we sit back bidding into support, only to sell it right back to that sucker who chases it 10% higher in a week. Remember nothing short of the doing solves the problem.

Most people spend their entire lives chasing the wrong rainbow, execution intelligence forces you to zero in on answers that are easily actionable. Don't stall in the thinking stage, as you know too much analysis often leads to paralysis. Most brilliant ideas have already been thought of for the most part, the real genius is finding a way to put them to work that benefits you.  

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