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If you’re reading lessons from Dumb Money that means that you finished both the Getting Started and What's Next program. Congrats on taking the road less traveled and actually focusing on learning first before trying to take on Mr Market.


So far, you have hopefully picked up a few things along the way; why the broker doesn't matter, how much to start with, how to fund your account, how to grow your account, how to game plan, how to chart read, and some lessons we had to learn the hard way that you can now hopefully avoid.


Our goal of this program was to give you a peek behind the curtain of major misconceptions that Dumb Money consistently makes. This way, you can avoid the same mistakes that 90% of the market makes each and every day. We will touch upon the importance of buying above whole numbers, why leverage is a curse not a gift, tax misconceptions, the allure of the long term hold, how hindsight clouds your judgement and much more. Hope you pick up a thing or two that keeps more money in your pocket and less of it in Mr Market!

From Ben and Shake

Table of Contents

Seal Training

Sous Chef

Penny Wise

Jungle Book  

Seriously People



Odd Lot

Aces Wild

The Zone

Uncle Sam


Expert Power


Long Term Hold (for a week)

Hindsight Bias

Journal Time

Flea Collar

90% Wont Read This



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