Do You Have Balls?

Do You Have Balls?

Now as we go through these lessons, you have 3 potential paths to choose from:

-Option Alone - Answer each lesson on your own (Dumb Money Route).

-Option Balls - Post your answers in the Group Chat you are currently in for the other members to see, learn from, try to help you with, along with our Mentors and Founding Partners who are there to help you through each lesson.

-Option Quiet - You can private message your mentor with your answers to the questions to each lesson and they will help you.

If you picked Option Alone that's the wrong answer! If you're wrong how will you know? If you have balls, more power to you! If you're still a little timid that's fine we know the chats can be intimidating at first. You ask any member who speaks up compared to the quiet guys, the members who speak up tend to outperform the quiet ones 10-1. Option Balls is the only way for you to advance from your current chat to the more experienced chats.

The Hierarchy of the Trading Experts Group Chats

  • Getting Started - Where the journey begins with the lessons from Getting Started
      • What’s Next -  Earned after successful completion of Getting Started
  • Semi Smart -  Earned after successful completion of What’s Next
  • Game Planning - Upon successful completion of Dumb Money you will have earned the right to join our membership
  • Chart Reading - Earned after completion of the Game Planning Program
  • Trading Psychology - Last step before making it into Alpha!
  • Alpha Chat - Earned after completion of the Trading Psychology Program

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    • There is no right broker. You are the one who is responsible for how trades are executed and when to cut your losses.


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