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Chart Reading Program


Here at Trading Experts, we aim to simplify the complexities of the stock market as much as possible. We find that you need to be extremely picky when buying/selling equities as the percentages of you being right are not in your favor - especially if you don't use a consistent system.

Since we use a smaller time frame in our trades (~1-5 days), we have found it to be profitable to buy strong stocks and short the weak stocks. What do I mean when I say "strong" and "weak" stocks? A strong stock is usually located at the top right of its daily chart, while weak stocks are located at the bottom right, indicating relative strength or weakness compared to the broad market. We are not the type of traders to call a top or pick a bottom, rather, we take advantage of a trend and follow buying or selling. Strong stocks tend to rise and weak stocks tend to fall, it’s as simple as that.

There are no guarantees in the market. Selectivity and risk/reward is the name of the game. With a proven method like ours, you too can have the odds in your favor and make money anywhere with an internet connection.

In the prior handbook, we went over subjects such as why we buy a stock, what matters most (price), what a proper game plan is, the two most important chart patterns (bull flag and bear flag), proper risk reward, ideal gameplans and reviewing your trades. In this more advanced handbook, we will show you some of our recent trades that put all these ideas that we have gone over into real world examples. As well as a few more of our more popular stories! We will show you what we did, what we could have done better and how you too can profit from what we’ve done next time you are able to spot what we look for when buying a stock.  

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