Can you remove the emotional aspect when it comes to Trading?

Can you remove the emotional aspect when it comes to Trading?

Yes and no. For most new traders, they will make most of their decisions based on emotions and it tends to be the opposite of what they should be doing. What do I mean by that?

If they buy a stock and it rises, even a small amount, most new traders tend to get excited and sell for a quick gain (say 1-5%). Now if the stock pulls in, in the pit of their stomach, they're having that 😰"Oo 💩" feeling but tend to rot with the losers for a much bigger loss % (say 10%+). This is why most new traders eventually lose money. They sell the winners quick and hold the losers to the ⚰️

After 10 years of trading you learn a lot about your trading faults and strong suits (other than game planning extensively prior to the trades we put on, with targets of where we will get out for a loss📉 and areas we look to profit💰)

Sometimes an alarm⏰ goes off when we have what we call the "high five✋sell signal." This is when a trader wants to take a picture of his PnL or talk about how much their trade is beasting, it's usually a wise choice to take some profit in that area. 

Even for us that can arise, and we caught that in our "Trade of the Week" PI Long through $34.50. Sure our target was $38+, however we'd be lying if we said we would've expected to take profits into the $41+ area day 2 and 3 of our swing.

So for my partner and I, when we started to notice that we were getting overly excited in the trade, it was time to take the profits and move on👋. After we exited, as did most of our Members, you can see the painful pull in, where a rookie or novice would try his "luck" again because it "has" to go back up to $41+. The initial move is usually the cleanest and easiest one to capitalize on "if" you know what you're looking for and you're consistent. The ones we focus on are one and done, one night stands so to speak. No dating 💏 or marrying👰 these stocks, sorry ladies.

After the trade is closed, we move on, new traders tend to go back to the well and battle it to the end like see with most new traders. Recently 9/10 new traders are trading names like GPRO, JNUG, and some random triple leveraged Oil ETF. These are all names we wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. If you miss the easy move, so be it, that's life of a trader. Stay consistent, have a plan & stick to it.

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