Bubble Talk

Bubble Talk

Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane........

Tech Bubble 2000 a 500% rally in a 2 year span in tech stocks where billions were made and lost on paper, one day tech traders were getting driver around in limos, a year later most were driving said limos.

Lets go back a few hundred years, South Sea Company went on a  900% increase and same story as the tech bubble just as quick as it ran up, it came down even faster. People buy and hope on the way up and hold on the way down.

The first bubble know in history was "Tulip Mania" yes we're talking about flowers, at its peak you could buy a home with just 1 flower. Think of how insane people got over a useless flower that they were willing to sell their home in exchange for a flower that would be dead in a week.....

GPRO a 300% rally, that we took part in trading, on the way up and on the way down, when GPRO was near $100, there were talking it would be the Apple of the camera word, now it's down 90% and a has been......

During the volatile year of 2007 and 2008 Oil went on a major run with the fear of oil shortages resulted in a panic that caused oil to go on a major run at its peak there was talks of $200 a barrel oil, were currently at around $60 a barrel..........

The mother of dumb money, reminds us of the Dot Com days, everyone was in and killing it, all you had to do was buy and hold..... Same thing today, I've heard quotes saying it's going as high as $100,000 why $100,000? Why not is most responses.

Look at this chart and ask yourself does this look like a good investment? If you bought in the past fuck ya, however now or more recently you're late to the party. By late you're about 1400% late in the past 2 years.

At current levels an $1,000 increase sounds like a lot however percentage wise it's only around 12% and only $5,000-$6,000 late to the party. Currently bitcoin and all the cryptocurrencies are in the Delusion phase of the bubble. If you're blindly getting in up here because "everyone else is in" realize that is the dumbest investment approach possible.

Once an investment becomes mainstream and the crowd is in, we want to run for the exits.

Will history repeat itself, you tell me?

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