Book of Business

It is a simple and obvious 4 step process to build up your book of business. Most think it's easy and would rather focus on trivial shit like how many people they are following vs how many people are following them. If you honestly think for one second that someone cares how many people you follow, check your ego, only you care. What to know 4 things that do matter? Let's dive right in then.  

  1. Sending thank you cards - not some BS email, I mean get out a piece of paper lazy ass and write a little thank you and put it in the mail with your business card. I tend to do this with tiny gifts such as books, dog toys or paintings. Have fun with it, I have never gotten someone who has complained about a gift. Well, actually one person did have the nerve to complain that I sent his dog a toy, feel bad for the buddy since his owner was a real dickhead, but that's life. Can’t please everyone. 


  1. Follow up with your new customers a week after the sale to see if they are happy with their purchase. At the beginning of my sales career, after closing the sale, I would ghost my new customer like Patrick Swayze. I see new sellers doing this all the time. Once they close the sale it's would you look at the time, I gotta run, literally. Don't be that piker. After the sale is closed, turn off the sales hat and be a human again. Now I am not saying sit there and chit chat for the next 4 hours, just a few extra minutes will suffice. Follow back up a week later and you two lovebirds are off to a great honeymoon. Set reminders in your phone, trust me you are human and next Monday you (and I) will most likely not remember to text Billy to follow up, let your assistant remind you (Siri). 

  1. Incentives, people often feel weak asking for referrals as they think they seem to be begging for business, and even I have fallen victim to this from time to time. Want to know why we feel that way? We are focusing on us, Andy if you know anyone who can benefit from what I do please pass my info along. What do they say? Dude I got you, I am going to send so many people your way! Do they? Fuck no, they have their own shit to worry about. Instead, find out what they do and send them referrals, if you can’t then offer them something in exchange for a referral. A free gift, a gift card, a lap dance, there are no rules here and the more fun or enticing you make it for them, you will be surprised at how those referrals start to come in.

  2. Consistency, shit when I was trying to get you to join, I might have DM’d you once a week for 2 months straight before you answered. Now that IG allows you to unsend messages I can speed up the timetable while also unsending the prior messages. However if we spoke a few years back, go look at how long I was talking to myself in your DM’s before you answered. The average salesperson will be too embarrassed to continue to shoot bricks. For me I could care less, I've been shooting bricks in basketball since day one. 

It's not the sale that makes the salesperson, it's what he does to secure the next sale that makes him a pro

More Value Task - Your task is to send 3 handwritten thank you cards to your customers. If you don't have any customers yet or maybe you are trying to bring in your first TE member, find out what type of phone your prospect has (without telling them you're sending them a gift) and I will send them a phone case from you. Example, Hey man did you get the new iPhone X? Nah I have the 7 Plus. Now you have your ammo and we can surprise them. Remember, be creative and have fun with this. 

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