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As I am rounding the corner of one of the longest vacations I have ever embarked on, the stock market has been traveling higher with each passing day. It has been great knowing the Big Picture Model has been hard at work as I have been traveling from southern Italy over the last two weeks reaching Lake Como that is a rocks throw from Switzerland. 
As much as this trip has been a sensory overload of beautiful landscapes and amazing food, I have to admit I am antsy to get home and get back to work.
This was not a trip that was needed but one that I planned earlier in the year after renting my house out as a treat for that amazing trade that came together. A trip that I could future pace when I have to move down in living conditions from my current home to a more simple apartment. Only for me to realize over the last half year that I had just as much fun in the smaller apartment then in my nicely furnished home.
I even started to rent the apartment (for a profit of course) and shacked up with my parents making a make shift bedroom out of my living room that I spent my childhood in. As nice as the material things we strive for are good markers to keep us focused ahead, after time we often realize that its the simpler things that mean the most. I understand the irony of saying this as I stare out the window to Lake Como as Ferrari's pass by and the cutest dog nearby.
Driving around the lake and seeing all the amazing villas reminded me of some of the hilarious times we have had with the members who have joined us on the nearly 20+ Trading Experts retreats over the years.
From leaving Darin at the airport, Rob losing his passport on two different trips, betting Shake that the rental car was in fact, not stolen. Making Moe a late night snack that included probiotic which we thought tasted amazing. Getting pulled over for racing in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tori tackling Andys friend who played D1 football in Long Beach Island, or the infamous boat ride in Bimini that might given Heaven nightmares from still. The list could go on for days about some of the funny situations and stories that have came from those trips with you guys. 
As much as this business has been built to help you improve your financial well being, sometimes we have to remember to enjoy life and creating those stories that we can all look back and laugh about later on. After nearly half a decade of Trading Experts retreats, 2023 has been the first year where we took a break from them. It was a smart financial decision but sometimes the ROI doesn't have to make sense for it to be a good decision. 
Being around all the wealth here is contiguous and could be something for us all to look forward to come next summer. As much as I can't wait to get back to a regular work week in a few days. I could see a handful of us having a blast in Lake Como next summer. If its something you might be interested in, reply to this email and I'll send some more details over the coming months. 
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ADP continues to hold higher pivot lows as it continues to base under this $220 area, this will be an area we want to keep on the radar for a base break move higher towards $240 in the short term. 
After another week of flagging out under this $200 level this HON is starting to look ready for a 10% run higher towards $220 before earning. 
GILD shook out support last week yet barely could see any price action below $76 as it snapped back and is still showing us there might be a trade up through $80 for a support buy back set up for a move back towards $90 in time. 
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