Big Picture Markets H'ing Over, a Broken Record

Broad Market Outlook

Scanning mostly all the major markets and sectors, I sound like a broken record as each looks the same with the classic and bearish h pattern in full display. The headline that is scaring most is this Ukraine drama, which just like the North Korea drama a few years back is often long headlines, short action. 
As we don't care for the news, we do have to be aware of what new topic of the day will scare investors in the short term, until we find a new topic to scare said crowd the next time around. 
Chart wise, it has been bleak which you are quite aware of and to be frank, the market just looks weak overall. We are seeing head and shoulder patterns, h patterns, and support breaking, most importantly growth names continued to get murdered on a day to day basis with most significantly off there respective highs. In reality most have a long road ahead if they are to get back to those prior levels with most probably never seeing those prices again for a very long time. Names like ROKU 80% off highs or PYPL 70% off highs are names that come to mind, when most want to bargain hunt down here, is often a waste of time as they are more likely to continue the current trend which is lower. 
During this short term pain, it is quick to forget this is classic Mr Market action, for the last 2 years Mr Market has served up bowls of ice cream for breakfast as the market rallied nearly 100%, lately he has switch up that fattening diet to a new and improved fasting diet as our stomach grumble as we get h-angrier with time. 
We saw in the group some frustration from poor trading performance, which I can understand, and during these times once you get to your max frustration is often when we are nearing a corner, however we might not be at that point just yet. 
These can been a great time to step back so you don't miss the forest from the trees. I would like you to spend a few minutes looking at your own forest, instead of those few tree's that died recently.
Step 1 - What was the total value of all your investment accounts on 2/19/2021?
(write down the answer on a piece of paper)
Step 2 - What is the total value of all your investment accounts as of 2/19/2022?
(write down the answer on a piece of paper)
Step 3 - How much have you grown overall in the last year?
(write down the answer on a piece of paper)
Step 4 - How do you feel about these results? 
(write down the answer on a piece of paper)
Now this is your own personal information and do not have to share it but can be good for you to see how much you have grown. 
If you would like to share it with me as always it is between you and I and I do not share any of our discussions with anyone. I am here to help you and find the most value that I can provide is often when the market is at its worse, however I cannot read your mind, if I do not know whats going on, its hard for me to help. 
This can be a great time to do 1 or 2 things.
If you want to focus on the micro, let's set a time to do a trade review
If you want to focus on the macro, let's set a time to update your financial plan.
Set a time for either or both and I will send you the proper documents so you will be prepared for the call and we can game plan and set the goals you want to check off in 2022! 
Just like when you are most enthusiastic about your positions, the market often humbles us, when we are the most frustrated are often when we can find the best deals if we know when to act and why we are doing so. 
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Macro Rotation Outlook

Dow Jones

Mid Caps 

Small Caps
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Sector Rotation
Sensitive -  sectors that have moderate correlations to overall market conditions. 

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Cyclical - sectors that are more sensitive overall market conditions. 
Consumer Discretionary
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Defensive - sectors that tend to outperforming during sub par market conditions.

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Big Picture Set Up
MS tickled the Blue Sky area and has quickly come back to support, if support is going to hold here, risking $4 down here vs support could set us up for a better cost basis if another attempt at that blue sky area is in the cards in the short term.   
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