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Financial Planning
Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here's what you'll find, according to the Social Security Administration:
1 will be wealthy, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue to work because they need to, 36 will have already died, and 54 will be broke living off Social Security and help from family. 5% are successful while 95% are unsuccessful. Care to guess which group had financial planning?
Clients pay thousands of dollars a year to have a financial plan run for them at my investment bank, we include this benefit to you for no cost. If you would like us to put a plan together for you and your family so you can get closer to being in the 5%, shoot me a message on GroupMe saying "planning" and we will show you the simple steps to get you to your first your first million.
Broad Market Outlook
When you first joined you might have had the dream that after learning how to trade, you would quit your day job and trade full time. Yet times like this remind us of the benefits of adding sources of income instead of replacing one for another. Just think for a moment if you didn’t have your job, and had to cover your monthly bills strictly from trading.

These times remind us why we focus on adding sources of income and is a perfect time as always to focus on your primary bread winning source of income.

Over the years looking back at the various things I’ve done, there’s usually always been a clear winner that would fluctuate with the seasonality of the things I was doing. Right now if the market isn’t presenting a ton of opportunities, yet you are crushing it selling on Amazon, Ebay, etc devote more of your mental capital towards that and then when those lay up and A+ set ups start to present themselves hand over fist, switch that focus back to the market.

This is something that I’ve done going back to my prop days and without a doubt was the sole reason I was able to survive there and as long as I did and have over my last decade plus trading which was knowing when to put my time, energy or money elsewhere.

Focusing on the easiest pockets to make money and then being aware and ready to pivot when necessary is key in trading and business, hopefully you too can do the same and maximize each dollar that comes into your possession. 
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Macro Rotation Outlook

Dow Jones
We can see the large caps are still respecting 246, next time down there though I would not be so sure. 
The SPY is continuing to h back over to that 284 level, if we take that out, we should expect a technical bear market, which if we remember last time was the scariest and most profitable time to put money to work. 
We continue to see these h patterns forming, and the continuous retest of major support, typically signs of lower prices in store. 
MDY Mid Cap Stocks
Mid caps h'd over and took out the recent low, this $320 has also been an area of resistance and support, really below this, the next real area is the 2019 low, which was an area that I thought all 2019 we could retest, in 2020 it is seeming like a much higher probability. 
IWM Small Caps
Once major support breaks lower prices tend to be in store. 
If you have a friend that can benefit from what you have learned from Trading Experts, shoot me there contact info and we will see if we can help!
Sector Rotation
Sensitive -  sectors that have moderate correlations to overall market conditions. 
VGT Tech
Tech continues to h over, resistance short term at 250 and support at 224. 
VDE Energy
Now we are getting into the capitulation mode as we saw in the telecom sector last year, just a bit more pain is needed!
VIS Industrial
We can see some buyers here at this major support however they might be losing there strength to hold it up, resistance short tern at 145. 
VOX Telecom
Sneaky buy back up through $90 in time, however we can easily see $80 first. 
Cyclical - sectors that are more sensitive overall market conditions.
VAW Materials
h'ing over continues, below 110 a retest of the 2019 lows seem very likely. 
VCR Consumer Discretionary
Next line in the sand to keep an eye on is this 164 level, below that, the retest of 2019 is a spot we could see the market hold and snap back from. 
VFH Financials
A month ago the thought of retesting 2019 lows would be laughed off, now most are hoping it doesn't happen. Remember the market rises on a wall of worry and falls on a slope of hope!
Reit's still holding up vs 84 and with cheap debt right now it might be able to weather the storm better then its peers. 
Defensive- sectors that tend to outperforming during sub par market conditions.

VDC Consumer Staples
Staples are holding up pretty well however its hard to get in here when the real out is $13 lower. 
VHT Healthcare
For now the clear level of support is 170, time will tell if it can respect the retest of support as it did with respecting the retest at resistance!
IBB Bio Tech
Still forming a wide bull flag, below 110 look out below. 
VPU Utilities
Risk off sector still got beat up when people tend to run here when the market gets scary, yet this time they still got taken to the woodshed. 

The New Big Picture Set Up
The 10 year is at its lowest its ever been, almost trading like a penny stock dropping 25% on Friday, if you have a mortgage anywhere in the 4's, this is a slam dunk, if you have student loans in the 5-8% range this too, is a slam dunk. 


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