Ask to Ask

I will be the first to admit that I hate when someone asks to ask me a question, however that is usually because I am not their prospect so there is no benefit for the pleasantries and I would rather them just ask the question and save me the wasted time. However when you are talking with a prospect, asking to ask questions can have a huge benefit and lower the walls that they have up. 

If you dive right into asking personal questions without asking, you can recieve some blow back or worst of all, the short one word answers. 

How's your trading been? 


(great now I have nothing to work with and I need to pull teeth to get him to talk)

Now if you take that one extra step and ask to ask it can pay huge dividends.

John, just a couple of quick questions, so I don't waste your time, is that ok?

(Their name - good, asking to ask - good, so I - telling him why your doing it) 

John, let me just ask you a couple of quick questions, so I can see if we can better assist you. 

John, let me ask you a couple of quick questions, so I can see exactly what your needs are. 

Now once you ask to ask, you are going to find their pain points, it is key to make mental notes of this however you want to avoid solving said problem right off the bat. 

How has your trading been lately?

It has been a disaster, I got caught up in the crypto hype and was up $30,000 now I’m down $5,000 with no idea what to do….

What would your follow up be? Post it in the Group Chat.

Now in the moment, you might feel the need to dive deeper into why we use stops, take profits, formulate game plans beforehand, etc etc, however you’re in the asking mode, so make the mental note and continue to dig. 

After you are done asking, make the transition from asking to being the authoritative person and tell them what they need. Now you can rephrase and reframe their fears and how you can help eliminate them. Pain serves as a warning signal that something is wrong, something that needs action to fix, so if you take care of the problem while you are asking, and before you make your presentation then you are actually doing them a huge disservice. 

You want to amplify their pain during this process by asking follow up questions and future pacing the pain. By doing this you force them to experience the reality of being in even greater pain at some point down the road if they do not act now. 

From earlier:


How has your trading been lately? (you)

It has been a disaster, I got caught up in the crypto hype and was up $30,000 now I’m down $5,000 with no idea what to do…. (them)

Amplify Pain

Damn John, I am sorry to hear that and that is a familiar story we hear from newer traders, if you continue down the path you are on, do you think you can be successful 10 years down the road? (you)

No I don't think so. (the answer we are aiming for, remember No is good) (them) 

Next follow up 

Future Pacing

How would it feel if you waited to save up even more money, say it was $100,000 and then lost it all from one simple mistake like this current trade? (you) 

It would be horrible! (prospect)

This is why we focus on learning first, starting with $0, formulating a game plan, knowing how to read the chart and following your plan. If you had done this do you think you would have been able to lock in some of that $30,000 in profits instead of now being in a losing position? (you) 

Yeah most likely?! (prospect)

If that is the case and you feel you could have made that $30,000 or most of it, what is still causing your concern about joining our team and learning how to improve your trading? (you) 

You can see from reading this that at this point they would almost have to be dumb not to want to join, however they will more than likely still need some nudging before they actually do join, however you were able to use asking to ask, aiming for no and future pacing to keep the conversation moving in the right direction. 

Do you have balls?

In the Group Chat, show a conversation where you started off using the asking to ask, than aimed for no, and then used future pacing to help move the conversation along in a positive way. This is some sales wizardry shit so once you get good at this and are closing left and right, you can thank me by buying me a rose gold royal oak offshore.

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