Aim for No's

You might have heard the sales statistic before that it takes on average 7 no’s to get a yes. Most might think of those No’s as doors slamming in your face and to go fuck off. However that is not necessarily the case if you are aiming for no’s, and better yet have calibrated questions that will get your prospects to want to say no, in a way that benefits you both. You want to be your own defense lawyer, questioning yourself on the stand to strip the other side of the dirt they want to dig up so they have no rebuttal.  

He who learns to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valued secret of negotiations

Your goal is to get your prospect to say “no” in a way that is productive. Remember people love to say no and cringe at the cheesy forced yes questions like “do you want to make more money?!” no shit Sherlock, don't we all. Let's go through a few examples of ‘No’ questions we can ask to help push the needle closer to the only yes that matters. 

Is now a bad time to chat? (you)

No I have a few minutes (prospect) - perfect let's continue the conversation (you)


Yes I am busy (prospect) - I know you’re a busy guy, if you would like I can follow up at a later date, how does Wednesday or Thursday sound around noon? (need to give options to give people the illusion of control) (you)

“Have you given up on learning how to trade?” (you)

“Have you given up on trying to improve your trading?” (you)

“Is there something that I said that may have mislead you?”

“It seems that you feel the price is not justified.”

“Are you saying that we failed you?”

“How am I supposed to accept that?” (when asked for a ridiculous request) 

Do you have balls?

In the Value Chat post a screenshot of your attempt at using one of these ‘No’ questions and the responses you received when using them.

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