ABC's of Selling

We all learned our ABC’s which was so long ago that we probably can't even remember a time when we were so young that learning the ABC’s was an actual challenge. When it comes to selling there are also a set of ABCs that even most veterans in the game brashly look over. Let's go back to pre school and learn the basics, shall we? It was rhetorical, we’re going to do it.  

Availability for your customers is essential, as soon as you think you can call that customer back tomorrow, he's as good as gone.  

Believe in what you are selling or find something else. 

Customers are not always right, if you want to keep them you need to find a way to make them right. 

Deliver more than you offer. 

Education is for life, never stop learning. 

Follow up and follow through, never leave a customer hanging. 

Goals give you a reason to go to work every day, when you reach your goals, set higher ones. 

Humanize your selling process by learning about your customer. 

I is the least important letter in selling. 

Join groups to expand your network. 

Know your competitors, yet never bad mouth your competitors it only makes you look weak, ever told an ex that the new guy is an asshole? You only pushed her more towards him and away from you. Same applies in sales. 

Listen to your customer or they will start talking to your competitor, same goes for dating, shut up and let the lady talk. 

Maybe is the worst answer one could hear, I would take a no any day over a maybe. If you’re getting a maybe, maybe you don't know how to sell. 

Networking is one of the most important tool belts for a salesman. 

Opportunities are everywhere, keep your ears open and listen. 

Price is not the only reason a customer buys your product, however it can be a good reason. 

Quality can never be sacrificed if you want to keep them satisfied. 

Relationships are precious, take the time to invest in the friendship. 

Service is spelled serve us, if you want to stay in business serve your clients. 

Time is essential to doing business with anyone, be patient. 

Unlimited potential is possible if you listen, you are the only one who can limit your potential. 

Volunteer, it's always good to give first before asking, even then give even more. 

Winning doesn't necessarily mean beating every customer, aim for the win win. 

X-ray your customers, the more you know about them the better you can help them. 

Zeal is critical when presenting, let that enthusiasm shine! 

Do you have balls? In the Group Chat mention 3 of the ABC’s that you will be working on improving going forward.

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